[jcifs] Updating ACE[] using jcifs

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Thu Mar 15 09:14:16 MDT 2012

Michael, Other Chris and everyone else,

Thanks for your help on this. I was able to get setting ACEs working as I
required with your advice.

I put together a short post describing what I was looking to do:

Also, I have made all of the code changes available on GitHub here:



On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 1:26 PM, christofer.dutz at c-ware.de <
christofer.dutz at c-ware.de> wrote:

> Geee ... certainly a lot of Chris' her recently :-)
> Well I was simply assuming that the midlc tool came from the samba guys,
> because the idls shipped with it were a perfect match with the knowledge
> base of them in the year 2000 - At least what I found regarding the svcctl
> mentioned in that book I talked about (DCE/RPC over SMB - Samba and Windows
> NT domain internals). Especially the names of the fields and commands. It
> seemed to me the latest information from the official MS IDLs never made it
> there. And the support of samba and c output lead me tot hat assumption. If
> this was wrong, I am realy sorry.
> I am also sorry that you find my documentation rather "unqualified" but
> that's what you get if you users have to reverse engineer something,
> because support is allmost not existent. What I am doing is that I am
> trying to get something running and am documenting what I am doing so I can
> read what I did sometime in the future and mabe it would help someone on
> the same path.
> It would be great if you would please correct me, wehere my assumtions
> were wrong, cause this would prevent wrong information form spreading. All
> I can say is: It works the way I did it. And my work on the svcctl.idl is
> proceding nicely.
> With kind regards,
>        Chris
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> On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 3:10 AM, christofer.dutz at c-ware.de <
> christofer.dutz at c-ware.de> wrote:
> > One thing I should comment on ist hat the idl files provided with
> > midlc are not the ones provided by microsoft.
> >
> > They were the result of intense reverse engineering oft he Samba guys.
> > Microsoft published their IDLs afterwards and the format is similar,
> > but not identical. So you will have to manually translate them into
> > the format midlc understands. I'm doing this for the missing calls in
> svcctl.idl.
> Hi Chris,
> The midlc tool and idl used by midlc is has absolutely nothing to do with
> what Samba uses. Samba's "pidl" utility (which is written in
> Perl) uses a derivative of MS IDL syntax that is quite different. Pidl has
> many "extensions" that midl does not have. The JCIFS midlc utility uses a
> strict subset of MS IDL syntax. With the exception of the [op()] attribute
> extension, the syntax understood by midlc is identical to that of midl.
> Meaning IDL written for midlc would work with midl whereas IDL written for
> pidl would absolutely not work with midl.
> Also, I'm sorry to say that your documentation would probably mislead
> people more than it helped them. Please do not post that link here.
> Mike
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