[jcifs] idle sessions on netapp filer

Volker Müller volker.mueller at xsystem.de
Tue Feb 21 02:26:52 MST 2012

Hi Mike,

thank you for the quick respond.

I will ask the team operating the Netapp filer to check their software.
In parallel I will try the same code against a window machine, the 
problem should'nt occur there.

I will tell you the result.

Best regards,


Am 17.02.2012 18:18, schrieb Michael B Allen:
> Hi Volker,
> Regardless of whether or not JCIFS is doing something wrong, if the
> NetApp server really is not cleaning up dead connections or open
> files, that is a significant defect in the NetApp software. If you can
> crash the NetApp server or make it unresponsive (DOS), it would be
> difficult for the NetApp people not to act on an issue like that.
> Meaning write a "torture" program using JCIFS that opens hundreds or
> thousands of connections and files and see if you can break the
> server. If you can, you are in a good position to get NetApp to
> actually do something about it. If it does not break then there is no
> problem (other than perhaps the display of open files useful).
> Again, in general, it sounds like JCIFS is not at fault in this case
> and that NetApp is just not handling a lot of current activity well.
> It is a little unusual for a client to use multiple threads to perform
> concurrent operations sometimes over the same session like JCIFS can.
> Windows clients do not do that normally.
> Note that if you have an older model of filer, you will need to update
> it with the latest update from NetApp before you issue any kind of
> problem report to NetApp.
> Mike

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