[jcifs] Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password

Michael B Allen ioplex at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 15:19:11 MDT 2011

On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 4:47 PM, Jason Millard <jsm174 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>   SmbComSessionSetupAndXResponse[command=SMB_COM_SESSION_SETUP_ANDX,received=false,errorCode=Logon
>> failure: unknown user name or bad
>> password.,flags=0x0088,flags2=0xC843,signSeq=0,tid=0,pid=63407,uid=1,mid=3,wordCount=0,byteCount=0,andxCommand=0xFF,andxOffset=0,isLoggedInAsGuest=false,nativeOs=,nativeLanMan=,primaryDomain=]
>>   jcifs.smb.SmbAuthException: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.
>> I've also tried using the jcifs.smb.client.signingPreferred settings
>> to true and I upgraded to 1.3.16.
>> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Hello. I've continued to look into this still with no luck. If anyway
> can provide with some guidance or recommendations on debugging, I
> would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Jason,

Listing shares from another machine is actually not really the same
thing because it is almost certainly using Kerberos and not NTLM. Find
/ create an XP install that is NOT joined to any domain (or it might
suffice to simply login using a local account). Then do Start > Run >
cmd > dir //server.fqdn.local/share. This should pop up a password
dialog at which point you should enter the same exact credentials that
are failing with JCIFS. That will then be a fair comparison.

If XP still works using the above procedure, then get two packet captures:

  1) XP successfully listing the target share as described above and
  2) examples/ListFiles.java failing to list the same target share and

Then compare the two side-by-side using WireShark. Or send me the
captures to me directly (do not post packet captures to the mailing
list) and I'll look at them.


Michael B Allen
Java Active Directory Integration

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