[jcifs] SMB SSO on Windows desktop application

Javier Sedano javier.sedano at novabase.es
Mon Jan 24 06:06:24 MST 2011

Hi, friends,

  I am newbie with jcifs, so please be patient ;-)

  I am trying to use jcifs to read and write files from a SMB share. It is a
desktop app, not a web app, so the jcifs runs with user permissions. So I do not
want to provide domain;user:passwd in the url or in any other place: I want the
app to use the credentials of the user running the application.

  Is it possible? 6 hours ago I would have bet it was, but currently I am not
that sure...

  My fallback is to mount \\server\path to f:, read f:\file.txt and dismount f:,
but I would not like to do so, because I must handle several smb shares and it
would be an architectural pain.

  Any other idea?

Thanks in advance


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