[jcifs] Bug report?

J javier.sedano at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 12:07:40 MDT 2011


  I have found what I think to be a bug in
NTLMPasswordAuthentication.NtlmPasswordAuthentication( String userInfo ) .

If the user or password or domain contains the % character, it is interpreted by
unscape() as a %XX hexadecimal code. Ok, user and domain will not likely contain
that character; but password may... I have one user with that problem.
Currently, my problem is that his password is qwer%tyuiop, and obviously %ty is
not an hex value. But it is not just a matter of NumberFormatException, the
password may also be qwertyuio%p or qwertyuiop%, and then it would be

So: is %XX a CIFS standard that must be translated to the hex value of XX (so my
user has a wrong password)? Or is it a workaround for another problem (and then
it is a bug un JCIFS)?


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