[jcifs] OT: STiB release 0.1.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Mon Apr 25 23:00:05 MDT 2011

This is a bit off-topic...

At last year's SambaXP conference we talked about implementing other
Microsoft protocols, particularly since so many are now finally documented.

I have a list of such protocols that I want to code up, and I managed to
grab some free time over the past few weeks for the simplest one.

STiB is an implementation of the MS BITS Upload Protocol.

You might be familiar with BITS, since it is the Windows service that is
responsible for downloading patches and service packs in the background.
For downloads it uses regular HTTP 1.1, but for uploads (which are much less
common) it uses a proprietary set of extensions to HTTP 1.1.

STiB implements the client-side portion of those extensions.  I have been
testing STiB against a Windows 2008 server, and it works nicely.  The
current code includes a testing program that can send BITS Pings, send
entire files, or start a session and drop into an interactive mode that
provides the user with message-by-message control over the transfer.

The project is hosted here:  http://ubiqx.org/proj/STiB/

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