[jcifs] jcifs sso spengo kerberos question

kenny.demetter at colruyt.be kenny.demetter at colruyt.be
Thu May 27 07:32:15 MDT 2010

I would like some more information regarding jcifs-krb5 :
At the moment , we are using jcifs in web application ,  to access files from the user's home drive ( network share , unique for each user ) .
 This is done by using the username and password with which the user was logged on , and supplying this to jcifs , in order to access the network share.
However , we are now looking into Single Sign On , which means that our users will no longer need to log on ( they will be authenticated with the windows logon credentials , using SPNEGO ).
This means that the users will no longer type in there passwords , so the regular way of using jcifs will not work anymore.
Is it possible to use jcifs-krb to achieve access to the network share , using the windows credentials passed trough SSO ?
 If so , can you provide some information on how this can be achieved ?
 Kind regards,

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