[jcifs] max_xmit - why 4280?

Del Merritt del at alum.mit.edu
Thu Mar 11 10:14:54 MST 2010

A question was raised a while back about getting a DcerpcException with
the message "Fragmented request PDUs currently not supported":


I am seeing this too, and it appears that the values for max_xmit and
max_recv are hardcoded to 4280 in jcifs/dcerpc/DcerpcHandle.java; I'm
using JCIFS 1.3.14 as a baseline.

Is there a reason for this limit?  Is it something that should be
negotiated and just hasn't happened yet?  I'm still learning the ins and
outs of CIFS as I am porting JCIFS to a J2ME environment.

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