[jcifs] jCIFS API issue with a dual layer DFS

Marina marusya1004 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 08:58:37 MDT 2010

We are experiencing a problem with jCIFS API when our folder structure is
set up with dual layer DFS. The API doesn't resolve the second layer of
linked references to a physical location (see example below).

The single layer DFS works fine and the target physical location is properly
resolved (see example below).

 Please note our application is only expected to perform in MS Windows

 Does the new version of JCIFS (jcifs-1.3.13) support dual layer DFS?

 Or are there any plans to support that in the future versions?

 Alternatively, if dual layer DFS support is not planned for JCIFS could you
      recommend another reliable API?

 Supported (Single Layer DFS)

 DFS Root > DFSLink1 > Target Server

 \\domain.com\dfsroot\ <file://domain.com/dfsroot/>

         \\domain.com\dfsroot\dfslink1 <file://domain.com/dfsroot/dfslink1>


 Not Supported (Dual Layer DFS)

 DFS Root > DFSLink3 > DFSLink1 > Target Server

 \\domain.com\dfsroot\ <file://domain.com/dfsroot/>

         \\domain.com\dfsroot\dfslink3 <file://domain.com/dfsroot/dfslink3>



Marianna D.
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