[jcifs] Strange issue with SmbFileInputStream

René Liebmann rene_liebmann at datamatics.de
Wed Jan 27 09:35:36 MST 2010

Hi all,


I have a small function which I use to copy a remote file to my local
machine. On almost all environments (Win XP Home) this works fine, but on a
Windows 2003 Server environment it does only copy a small portion of a file
e.g. if the file is 6 MB large it copies 248 kB. Then it seems that it never
leaves the while block and my program hangs. It does not throw any
exception. What am I doing wrong?


private void copySmbFileTo(SmbFile f, String location) throws IOException {

        logger.debug(name + " enter function copySmbFileTo "+f.getUncPath()
+ " to "+location);


        SmbFileInputStream istr = null;

        OutputStream ostr = null;

        try {  // 1

            istr = new SmbFileInputStream(f);

            ostr = new FileOutputStream(location);

            byte[] buf1 = new byte[1024];

            int len1;

            while((len1 = istr.read(buf1)) > 0){

                ostr.write(buf1, 0, len1);



        } catch(Exception ex){

            logger.error("", ex);

        } finally{

          try { // 2

            if(istr!=null)  istr.close();

            if(ostr!=null)  ostr.close();

          } catch(Exception ex){

              logger.error("Major Error Releasing Streams:", ex);


          } // End try catch number 2

        } // End try catch finally number 1

        logger.debug(name + " leave function copySmbFileTo");




Thanks for your ideas in advance




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