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Wolfgang Ratzka ratzka at hrz.uni-marburg.de
Fri Feb 12 10:04:17 MST 2010

Am 12.02.2010 13:10, schrieb Andreas Gabriel:
> Hi Andreas,

(Andreas is the web services/unix guy, I'm the windows
person, so he asked me to jump in here.)

> You mean you have a stand-alone DFS root:
>   smb://DFS/FOO/tmp/
> pointing to:
>   smb://<server>/FOO_T$/
> ?
> You need to be more explicit about the topology.

Yes, DFS is a stand-alone DFS root on a NetApp vfiler. The server
it points to, is NetApp too. We might be able to try, whether the
behavior also happens with a Linux DFS root, but not right away.

Andreas is going to produce tracelogs without WINS. In fact, the
DFS link already uses the FQDN of the target filer.

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