[jcifs] Proposal to enhance SmbFile.getInputStream and getOutputStream methods

Sai Pullabhotla sai.pullabhotla at jmethods.com
Tue Dec 21 07:18:41 MST 2010

Thought I should post this to the group and get some feedback. Below
is what I need in my application.

I will be reading and writing several files on a share. When I read a
file, I need to ensure I acquire a Shared Read Lock, and when I'm
writing to a file, I need to acquire an exclusive lock (NO other
process should be able to open the file for anything).

My code, for various reasons cannot use the SmbRandomAccessFile, and
only calls SmbFile.getInputStream and getOutStream methods. It would
be nice to overload these methods to indicate the desired shareAccess
(or locking mode). Currently, it appears that you have to create an
SmbFile object with the correct shareAccess or else you cannot enforce
any specific shareAccess. This might work, but when we create SmbFile
object, we will not know if the file is being created for reading or
writing and what kind of locks we need. Currently when I've to
read/write a file, I've to create a new SmbFile that is same as the
one I already have on hand using - new SmbFile(mySmbFile, "",
shareAccess). This seems to be working alright, but thought it is not
as elegant.

Please let me know if you think it would be a good idea to add a
couple more overloaded methods to SmbFile. I can submit a patch if you
are in favor.

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