[jcifs] Connection Reset during jcifs data transfer .......

Brian Bowley bbowley at cleo.com
Mon Aug 30 09:04:02 MDT 2010


I am having this same problem (see "Connection Reset during jcifs data 
transfer ......." thread) with jcifs-1.3.14 connecting from a Windows XP Pro 
workstation to a Windows 2008 Server. Everything works great until something 
else in client computer accesses an SMB share (without JCIFS) on the same 
server. Then the JCIFS connection is reset by the server.

Using WireShark, it appears to be a VC problem as Mike mentioned. JCIFS uses a 
VC number of 1 but the Windows OS uses a VC of 0 which resets any other 
connections. If the Windows OS already has an active connection, then JCIFS 
works OK until the Windows connection is closed and re-opened. I don't think 
there is anything that can be done in the JCIFS code itself.

If it is Windows Explorer that is accessing the SMB share, then the inactive 
client connection seems to stay open for 15 minutes (which I believe is the 
default). If a program programmatically accesses the share, then the 
connection to 445 is closed very quickly (within seconds).

To help with this problem, it seems it will most likely have be a change in 
the Windows configuration either on the Client side or the Server side.

Has anyone had any experience with this same problem and know of any 
configuration/settings that can be used to do any or all of the following:
a) Keep the server from resetting other connections from the same IP when it 
receives a VC=0 on the Session Setup
b) Keep the Windows OS from sending a VC=0 from the client
c) Have the OS connection to port 445 remain open for a long period of time 
(preventing the immediate closing of the port) when access by a program other 
than Windows Explorer.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer,

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