[jcifs] webdav / cifs server recommendations

Robert Stuart r.stuart at qut.edu.au
Tue Aug 3 01:31:55 MDT 2010

Hi all,

I'm interested in what people recommend for using as a webdav server 
that has cifs servers as its store. It seems like jcifs is getting 
ongoing development, but I haven't come across any http server front ends.
- act as a translation layer for webdav <-> cifs
- be able to talk webdav properly so that users can map a drive or mount 
as a filesystem [1]
- nice to have: web browser view of filesystem
- must work with https

We've used davenport here a bit, but it does not appear to work with 
Windows XP SP3 and/or IE and/or etc. It also seems to refuse to map a 
drive. This is desirable as it appears that Office (2003 in this case) 
will try to do its own webdav rather than using an already established 
session causing reauthentication issues. So something that is a 
replacement for davenport that actually works would be great!

[1] My test for this is OSX mounting https://webdav........../blah


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