[jcifs] Question Regardin Windows Pipe

MAIO Raffael Raffael.Maio at heig-vd.ch
Fri Sep 18 10:24:14 MDT 2009

Hi Michael,

I have a question regarding jcifs. How can I connect to an existing pipe? I tried looking at the API without any success unfortunately. I tried the following to connect the eventlog pipe:

        SmbNamedPipe pipe = new SmbNamedPipe( "smb://$/EVENTLOG",
              SmbNamedPipe.PIPE_TYPE_RDWR | SmbNamedPipe.PIPE_TYPE_TRANSACT , auth );
        OutputStream out = pipe.getNamedPipeOutputStream();
        InputStream in = pipe.getNamedPipeInputStream();

Is there something I m not doing correctly?


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