[jcifs] question about jcifs

先斌 郑 xeon_kman at yahoo.com.cn
Thu Sep 3 20:12:27 MDT 2009

I found it`s so slow when i use jcifs to get file from a remote server, only around 10mb, 
but it`s very fast when i use the direct url to get the same file, the speed was up to 80mb, 
i set the property jcifs.smb.client.rcv_buf_size with value 1024*1024, but 
it didn`t work, so i noticed the jcifs src code, i found the default constructor of 
SmbFileInputStream set readSize to the mini value between 
transport.rcv_buf_size and transport.server.maxBufferSize, when i debug it, i found maxBufferSize 
is only around 6 kilos, this is why so slowlly when i use the jcifs to get the file. 
i don't know too many about CIFS/SMB, so i wonder why do we have to use the server`s 
maxBufferSize on client? and how can i improve the efficiency about this?
thank you!

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