[jcifs] Ntlm challenge fails with connection reset on WebSphere6.1

Asran Deng asran at apjcorp.com
Tue Nov 24 22:32:27 MST 2009

I have successfully gotten the 3-step NTLM challenge/response working using nothing but the JCIFS NtlmHttpFilter deployed to WebSphere 6.1 if I use Firefox as the browser. Similarly, the same filter & servlet work when deployed on Tomcat 6.x from either Firefox or IE. But when I try IE6 against WebSphere 6.1, IE sends request #1 and request #2 but WebSphere appears to close the connection after the response to request #2 is sent. I can step through it in a debugger and see that request #1 and #2 are both sent and processed without any kind of error, but after request #2 leaves the filter, the next thing you know, IE is saying "This page can not be displayed".

Everything I've been able to "sniff" shows that the app server is closing the connect after the 2nd request.

Has anyone been able to get NTLM working with IE6/WebSphere 6.1 using nothing but the JCIFS HtlmHttpFilter?

Just to give an update - I upgraded to the latest fix pack of WAS 6.1 ( and everything is now working.

So for anyone trying to do NTLM-based SSO using nothing but the JCIFS filter, you're going to want to get the latest fix pack of WAS before you try it.


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