[jcifs] Version of JCIFS?

Savoy, Melinda MelindaSavoy at texashealth.org
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I've been working again with one of our server engineers and she enabled this setting on the server:  "enable netbios over tcpip".  Once she did that I was able to get in without issue and without making changes to JCIFS within our app.  What is weird is that I cannot get in over a wireless connection using VPN but I can get in over a wired connection using VPN.

Any insight here?  Thanks.

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Hi Melinda,

Old versions of JCIFS are available under the 'old' subdirectory like:


See also:


My guess is that you're trying to use short netbios names but WINS is
gone. Always use fully qualified DNS hostnames in your SMB URLs like
smb://server.domain.com/ and not NetBIOS short names like


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On Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 9:46 AM, Melinda <melindasavoy at texashealth.org> wrote:
> Melinda <melindasavoy <at> texashealth.org> writes:
>> I just inherited a java application that has a JCIFS jar file
>> but I cannot see where I can find what version of JCIFS.
>> Can someone help me determine what that is?
>> We're having problems where there have
>> been changes done to the network
>> environment and now we cannot resolve DNS
>> names but have no problem resolving
>> IP addresses now.  Any help
>> would be GREATLY appreciated.
>> Regards.
> We are on version 1.3.6.
> Cannot resolve DNS names.
> Can resolve IP addresses.
> Any help is appreciated.

Michael B Allen
Java Active Directory Integration

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