[jcifs] Random "Internet Explorer Cannot display the Web page" on Windows 2008 server, IE 7 and Tomcat 6

pardesh pardesh_dsp at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 2 08:18:16 MST 2009


We are using JCIFS library (jcifs 1.2.19) for ntlm authentication. I can 
see "Internet Explorer Cannot display the Web page" error page randomly on 
Tomcat 6, IE 7, Windows 2008 server. There is no heavy traffic/requests as i 
was the only one accesing this server for testing.

I can see the request is authenticated and redirected to the requested URL, 
where it is showing the error page. reload the page works.

As this is random and occuring once for every 5 new authentcation requests.

Our Earlier relaease is for windows xp, tomcat 5.5 and the same code for 
authentication used to work fine.

Does anyone has any idea why it is behaving this way? Your thoughts/inputs are 
highly appreciated as it is my biggest issue now for moving to prodcution.


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