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You have cast your vote and it has been counted. You have set the stage
ready for the next government, and it has been appreciated. India has
finally emerged from a phase of political uncertainty to a phase of
forming its next government.


The writing is on wall! There were certain apprehensions and confusion
among Indians as to who will form the government at the centre! There
was a feeling that 2009 elections would result in a fractured verdict.
However, it is very clear now that Indian National Congress and the UPA
are on their way to conquer Delhi. It shows Congress's terrific
performance in years - landslide victory for them indeed!


Congress did its home work quite efficiently this time around while BJP
has been let down by its own workers and infighting in the party. Rahul
Gandhi is the new face of the Congress and needs to be watched in the
coming days. BJP has failed to whip up nationalist sentiments to trick
the voters.


If we talk about TMC's victory in the West Bengal it vividly goes on to
show that people want practical solutions for their problems. It has put
a big question mark on the intent of industrial policies adapted by
Communists. Emergence of Congress brings hope for Industry as well. It
can pursue its policy of reforms without worrying about opportunistic

Jai Hind




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