[jcifs] jcifs-1.3.3 released / NTLMv2 Requirements, "Invalid parameter" Error, and NetBIOS Broadcast Lookup Timeouts

Michael B Allen ioplex at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 19:39:15 GMT 2009

NTLMv2 support requires the RC4 cipher. Note that Sun's Java did not
include RC4 until Java 1.5 update 7.

If the above mentioned RC4 cipher was not available, an "Invalid
parameter" error would occur. Logic has been corrected so that the
more informative "Cannot find any provider supporting RC4" error is
reported instead. Meaning if you get this error you need to upgrade
your Java or disable NTLMv2 and extended security.

To date, JCIFS has always tried NetBIOS broadcast lookups in favor of
DNS which frequently resulted in a 6 second delay if the
jcifs.resolveOrder property was not adjusted. This behavior has been
changed to try DNS before NetBIOS broadcast lookups which should
result in much less frequent delays when using default settings. To
restore the old behavior, simply set

The NTLMSSP code would not fallback to ASCII if Cp850 was not
available (which is the case with stock JREs). This issue has been

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