[jcifs] Fwd: FW: Performance issue for multi threaded copy

Lakshmi Naarayanan latchoumi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 16:39:19 GMT 2009

Hi All

I am trying to use JCIFS to copy large amount of files sized from 20KB to 30
MB from a Linux machine to a remote Windows shared folder. I need to get
authenticated to be able to copy files here. We need to do this in a short
period of time so we had to use multi-threaded program to for this process.
I am facing a big performance issue. Does JCIFS support multi threaded
copies? If so what is the best configuration I could have?

So far I am using the following code to do this, and using all default
configurations. Tried a few config tuning but it didn't help

        String "smb://"+ params.*getPiShareDomain*() +";"+ params.*
getPiShareLogin*() +":"+ params.*getPiSharePass*() +"@"+ folderPath;

        SmbFile sDir=*new* SmbFile(*smbProtocol* + folderPath);
*        if* (!sDir.isDirectory()) sDir.mkdir();
        SmbFile sfile=*new* SmbFile(*smbProtocol* + fileName);
        SmbFileOutputStream sfileStream=*new* SmbFileOutputStream (sfile);

Any help will be very useful.

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