[jcifs] SmbFileOutputStream with append=true misbehaving on acertain NAS

Caldarale, Charles R Chuck.Caldarale at unisys.com
Fri Jan 18 19:09:28 GMT 2008

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> Subject: RE: [jcifs] SmbFileOutputStream with append=true 
> misbehaving on acertain NAS
> I have attached two WireShark captures corresponding to two 
> versions of my program:

The captures are fine.  The one doing normal Java IO shows two real
write requests, each of one byte, at offsets 0 and 1, as expected.  The
jcifs one shows the problem: the first write request is for one byte at
offset 0, but the second wants to write a byte at offset 942837984 (hex
0x383290e0). In between the two write requests is a QUERY_PATH_INFO,
which returns 5237805280 as the file length (hex 0x01383290e0); this
value is truncated to 32 bits and used as the offset in the following
write.  Looks like the NAS server isn't responding properly to the
QUERY_PATH_INFO, since there's also a completely bogus allocation size

 - Chuck

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