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gstasica at poczta.onet.pl gstasica at poczta.onet.pl
Wed Jan 16 23:32:43 GMT 2008

I've been trying to connect to dfs share with the new jcifs library but all
I get is an exception
"The network name can not be found"

My client's configuration:

domain: mydomain.abc.com
dfsroot: mydomain.abc.com

in the java code I use the url: smb://mydomain.abc.com/mydomain.abc.com/

dfs points to 2 servers: server1.de.abc.com, server2.de.abc.com

Theses servers belong to mydomain.abc.com domain, although their dns names
seems like they don't

There is no problem to connect to these servers from windows explorer either
by specifying
\\server1.de.abc.com\folder\readme.txt or with dfs

Since these servers belongs to different subnet than domain controller and
client on which
I run all the tests, in all my programs I was specifying WINS server.

Everytime I ping domain dns name (ping mydomain.abc.com) I get response from
different domain
controllers, which is OK

While listing all the shares on a domain controller I get a list like:
( my java code

 SmbFile f=new SmbFile(smb://mydomain.abc.com/mydomain.abc.com/)
 SmbFile[] shares=f.listFiles()
 for(int i=0;i<shares.length;i++){
System.out.println("share"+i+": "+shares[i].getShare())

share 0; D$/
share 1; ADMIN$/
share 2; Q$/
share 3; C$/
share 4; E$/
share 5; R$/
share 6; P$/
share 7; SYSVOL/
share 8; NETLOGON/
share 9; IPC$/
share 10; Tivoli$/

but when I try to access any file on this share I get: "The network can not
be found"

SmbFile f=new

>From the log file it seems like the library was connecting to domain
controller and getting a list
of all domain controllers (servers). With this list in place I think that in
the next step it
tries to list all the dfs shares defined on each server but for some reasons
it fails to find mine.
I've not got phisical access to this environment but I know from the admin
that the dfs has been
defined for a domain. Should it not be available while listing the shares?
Is it any other way
to check if my dfs share has been defined for a domain?

I'd be gratefull for any suggestions.

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