[jcifs] kerberos debug tool

Rohnny Moland rmoland at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 07:17:11 GMT 2008


Are any of you aware of a tool for debugging kerberos in internet
explorer? Or a howto on how to setup kerberos in firefox 2. Kerberos
seems to work fine between my linux box (kerberos "client" where I run
my j2ee application) and windows 2003 server running active directory
service. I can run both kinit HTTP/sam08-linux.TESTDOMAIN and kinit -k
-t /usr/local/kerberos/ldap_jaas.keytab HTTP/sam08-linux.testdomain
from my linux box.

What I have done in IE 6 is:
- enabled integrated windows authentication in the advanced tab
- enabled automatic login in intranet zone
- added the website of my linux box as a local intranet site

I have also set 3 system properties in java for my app server:

But I am totally lost how I can debug this..After trying to switch
from ntln authentication to kerberos, my internet explorer pops up a
dialog box asking me to enter username/password. I assume this must be
because it cannot get the kerberos ticket somehow.

Kind regards,

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