[jcifs] Domain Controller and PreAuth

Michael B Allen miallen at ioplex.com
Thu Sep 27 03:32:44 GMT 2007

On Wed, 26 Sep 2007 22:25:47 -0400
"Brown, Melonie" <mbrown at microstrategy.com> wrote:

> can you have more than one domain controller in the lmhosts file? 

Perhaps you want the DnsSrv.patch:


It uses JNDI to lookup domain controllers so that you don't need WINS.

I don't know if it still applies cleanly or if it is compatible with
preauth though.

All I can tell you is that you must make preauth work. We really should
change the wording in the documentation. Currently it says 'if a username
and password are specified then preauthentication will be used' as if it
was something optional. It's not optional.


Michael B Allen
PHP Active Directory Kerberos SSO

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