[jcifs] sample app

jpl ouiouinonnon at yahoo.fr
Thu Feb 22 11:23:25 GMT 2007


Just download jCIFS and tried the snippet found in the documentation.
It is not very helpful: it is even not accurate since the signature of
SMBFileInputStream is wrong.
The documentation could benefit from a simple "sample app that tell you how it
works for the easiest case". It could even be displayed on the homepage.
Does this exist somewhere in the doc/faq/list?
What I would find useful is something like:

import jcifs.*

public class foo {
    final String DOMAIN = "domain";
    final String USERNAME = "username";
    final String PASSWORD = "password";
    final String HOST = "host";

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        // authenticates to DOMAIN
        // connects to HOST
        // list content of root directory of some share drive
        // read some file of some share drive
        // check that credentials allow to read this resource
        // close everything and quit nicely

Thanks for your help.

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