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Enrico enrico.liboni at virgilio.it
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Scott, thanks for the hint - I had a look and indeed in the 
NtlmHttpFilter.java class, init() method the values are always obtained 
from the filter init-param, overriding the ones passed via -Djcifs.
name=value or using Config.setProperty(...). 

I'm not sure this is the 
best option in all cases when a portable war file is needed...



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Extend the NTLM filter to read the property 
from the System properties
and store it in the jcifs.http.
domainController jCIFS property (I think
the jcifs.Config object will 
let you do this).  The NTLM filter is
really just an example of how to 
use jCIFS, not a hard and steadfast


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Subject: [jcifs] NTML and dynamic domain 

 I've been looking through the mailing list and tried 
this for 
days... pls. help!

I'd need NTML authentication in a web 
but I do not want to specify any static IP address or 
domain name in 
the web.xml: I would like to store jcifs.http.
domainController value in 
a props file, set the value via System.
setProperties() when the web 
application fires up (i.e. setting it 
from a servlet that is invoked at 

But it does not work, 
the filter is complaining about:
jcifs.smb.SmbException: A domain was 
not specified
if the jcifs.http.
domainController params is not in the 
While if I specify it in 
the web.xml I can't override the 

I'm using jcifs 1.2.17


Thanks in advance,

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