[jcifs] Re: CAS and transparent NTLM

wyman y4test at yahoo.com.hk
Mon Apr 23 09:24:30 GMT 2007

dfhgjwetgtry <sendspam <at> mailinator.com> writes:

> Hi! I wonder if anyone have experimented with CAS and transparent NTLM? I
> think I read somewhere that JRE 1.4.2 would automatically (transparently)
> authenticatethe the currently logged in user via NTLM if they were exposed
> to an NTLM domain!? Is this true? Secondly I would like to have CAS (single
> sign on) to work as a some sort of proxy between the client that should
> (transparently) authenticate using NTLM to a backend NTLM domain. If
> authentication is successful, CAS should issue a ticket as usuall. Does
> anyone know how I should proceed? All information is helpful! 
> Thanks,
> Jonathan!
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Is there any progress on add the Central Authentication Service (CAS)
http://www.ja-sig.org/products/cas/index.html as one of the authentication
mechanism in jcifs?  For Samba backend, an CAS client pam_cas can be used in the
PAM configuration to recieve the "proxy tickets" from CAS server as a valid
password for the service.

With CAS support, an user can directly access the folder contents to archive
web-based SSO.


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