[jcifs] NtlmHttpFilter Question

Vinny Carpenter vscarpenter at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 19:49:28 GMT 2007

Hi Eric and thanks.  And yes - the NTML feature is working
transparently inside the network but when I test my application over a
web-based VPN (not the standard fat-client VPN), I get prompted for
the login/password.  I just wondered if I could customize that HTTP
401 box to have some additional information about what login/password
is expected.

I like Alexander Jung's idea -- Instead of sending a 401, he has
modified the filter to redirect the user to the login page.  That
would do the trick as you can have any relevant information on that
landing page.



On 4/9/07, Eric Glass <eric.glass at gmail.com> wrote:
> The AuthName property of apache specifies the realm name that is
> presented in the HTTP auth dialog.  This is only applicable to HTTP
> Basic and Digest authentication, not NTLM (no such parameter is part
> of the authentication mechanism).
> You can specify the equivalent parameter by setting
> "jcifs.http.basicRealm" to the value desired in web.xml (and enabling
> Basic authentication via the "jcifs.http.enableBasic" and possibly
> "jcifs.http.insecureBasic").  But if NTLM is actually supported by the
> client (as it would be in IE and Firefox) you won't see it anyway.
> Eric
> On 4/8/07, Vinny Carpenter <vscarpenter at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi there.  I am using the wonderful NtmlHttpFilter (jcifs-1.2.13) for
> > authentication and single sign-on functionality for an Intranet
> > application.  Most users are using IE and so authentication is
> > transparent.  Users that are using Firefox get the 401 authentication
> > prompt and if they pass in the correct login/password, everything
> > works as it should.
> >
> > My question is if I can modify the look and feel of the HTTP 401?
> > Apache web server allows you to specify a AuthName property that shows
> > up in the login dialog and so you can pass in some comments to the
> > user.  Is there something similar in jCIFS and NtmlHttpFilter?  Is
> > there anything I can do to customize the login dialog?  Thank you.
> >
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