[jcifs] NtlmHttpFilter Question

Eric Glass eric.glass at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 19:03:59 GMT 2007

The AuthName property of apache specifies the realm name that is
presented in the HTTP auth dialog.  This is only applicable to HTTP
Basic and Digest authentication, not NTLM (no such parameter is part
of the authentication mechanism).

You can specify the equivalent parameter by setting
"jcifs.http.basicRealm" to the value desired in web.xml (and enabling
Basic authentication via the "jcifs.http.enableBasic" and possibly
"jcifs.http.insecureBasic").  But if NTLM is actually supported by the
client (as it would be in IE and Firefox) you won't see it anyway.


On 4/8/07, Vinny Carpenter <vscarpenter at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi there.  I am using the wonderful NtmlHttpFilter (jcifs-1.2.13) for
> authentication and single sign-on functionality for an Intranet
> application.  Most users are using IE and so authentication is
> transparent.  Users that are using Firefox get the 401 authentication
> prompt and if they pass in the correct login/password, everything
> works as it should.
> My question is if I can modify the look and feel of the HTTP 401?
> Apache web server allows you to specify a AuthName property that shows
> up in the login dialog and so you can pass in some comments to the
> user.  Is there something similar in jCIFS and NtmlHttpFilter?  Is
> there anything I can do to customize the login dialog?  Thank you.
> --Vinny
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