[jcifs] Re: Can we configure a backup domain controller in jCIFS

Marius Scurtescu marius at sxip.com
Tue Apr 3 17:46:06 GMT 2007

On 30-Mar-07, at 5:00 AM, jcifs-request at lists.samba.org wrote:

> From: kannan_Jayaprakash <kannan_jayaprakash at infosys.com>
> Subject: [jcifs] Can we configure a backup domain controller in jCIFS
> Hi all,
> We are using jCIFS for SSO in our web application. I'm in look out  
> for some
> information regarding jCIFS.
> firstly,
> while configuring my web.xml with the ip for domain controller, i  
> would like
> to know if we could have a back up IP where the system could look  
> up if my
> primary server(for authentication) is down.

We needed the exact same functionality and we ended up writing our  
own internal patch for this purpose.

Instead of entering only one host for the domain controller you can  
enter a comma separated list of hosts. The filter will try to connect  
to them one by one and use the first that is accessible. You can also  
set a timeout and a port, both used for probing.

We would be more than happy to contribute this small patch, is there  
a formal way to do it?

> i would also like to know if we could implement jCIFS without  
> manipulating
> the web.xml.

You could subclass the filter and have it read its configuration from  
a properties file or similar.


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