[jcifs] Fail-over capability with WINS

WYND Consulting wyndconsulting at shaw.ca
Thu Nov 30 22:26:32 GMT 2006

I have reviewed a large number of posts and noticed several about the desire to use NTLM Filter without WINS but no suggestions were given. I'm trying to get more information whether anyone has had any luck or suggestions on how to get this to work. 

I had a thought of allowing an alternate Domain Controller entry in the web.xml file and when the library is run it validates that a primary server on port 445 is available and if not then uses the alternate server by swapping over the values in the code.


1) Gets the properties for both domainController and altDomainController.
2) Prior to attempting any of the NTLM handshake it checks port status.
3) If primary is available then use the primary if not then substitute the alternate server in as the domainController value.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.



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