[jcifs] NTLM HTTP Filter Does Not Work With SMB Signing

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Wed May 24 07:45:18 GMT 2006


There is something wrong with the NTLM HTTP Filter - several users have
reported sporatic failures. A number of people have sent me a variety of
diagnostics but all I really need right now is for someone (preferrably
multiple people) to perform the following simple test:

  1) Install the stock config as supplied in the documentation. Use the
  first example config unless you're not using WINS in which case use the
  second example. Do not use any properties other than those explicitly
  2) Restart your container and have two or three different users on
  different workstations simultaneously login to the site. If this does
  not work, please report the failure.
  3) If multiple users does work, then please stop the container, comment
  out the username and password for preauthentication, start the container
  and again have two or three different users access the site. If it
  works, then your domain controller does not require SMB signing and your
  environment is not affected. No need to report your results. If it fails,
  then that means SMB signing is being used and works with multiple users
  in which case please report your success.

Any deviation from the above right now is bad science and I'm not

Until someone performs this test we simply cannot proceed with this
issue. I would like to try and make progress on this issue soon. Otherwise
I will need to update the documentation to reflect the fact that the
filter basically does not work with SMB signing.


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