[jcifs] jcifs 1.2.8 unknownHostException

Cooldaddy Indy mrindy at hotmail.com
Tue May 2 12:34:24 GMT 2006

Hi everone,

I really would need some help here... I have used jcifs on a couple of 
different networks as a SSO solution. Problems 1: when a DC is not in the 
same subnet at the requested client I get a unknownHOstException error. I 
can the ping AD, so it should be any problem with the name resolution, or???

Problem 2: I get "NULL" when asking for requset.getHeader("Auth..."), could 
it be AD setting like NTLM2 or other security configurations at the HOST. If 
i get NULL with above question, is't then impossible to do this SSO with 
jcifs package?

please help me out here, thanx in advance!!!


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