[jcifs] Re: FW: Inconsistent Authentication Results: Access Denied & Windows Enter password popping up

David Sprowls ctasprowls at fastmail.fm
Thu Mar 30 00:04:39 GMT 2006

I just upgraded to jcifs 1.2.8 and am still having this problem.  I have
tried preauthentication and disabling session persistence in Tomcat as
recommended in other posts; however, neither helped.  The only way I
have been able to get around it, is by setting the soTimeOut to half a
second as recommended in this post
http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.network.samba.java/5232.  I realized that
this will cause a a connection to be opened to the domain controller for
every login attempt; however, is that the only drawback?  I have a
relatively small user base; so if that is the only negative, it should
not impact me much. 

I am running windows 2000, jre 1.5.0_06, and Tomcat 5.5.15.  I am using
the following in web.xml.





  David Sprowls
  ctasprowls at fastmail.fm

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