[jcifs] jcifs.netbios.hostname and authentication

Paul Duncan Paul.Duncan at yolus.com
Thu Mar 16 08:44:10 GMT 2006


> > Hello,
> >  
> > I have a Windows Domain with a policy restricting which 
> users can log 
> > on to which workstations.  I am using jCIFS 1.2.7 to 
> authenticate with 
> > hosts on this domain.  I see that the 
> jcifs.netbios.hostname property 
> > has to be set to the correct hostname before 
> SmbSession.logon(String 
> > hostname, NtlmPasswordAuthentication authenticator) is called.  Are 
> > there any plans to modify jCIFS so that SmbSession.logon() works 
> > correctly on such a Windows Domain without having to set the 
> > aforementioned property?  Is the requirement to set this property 
> > regarded as a bug in jCIFS?  Thanks.
> Just put it in your properties file or set it in main() and 
> forgettaboutit. Why exactly are you having a problem? 
> Mike
I agree that setting the property before calling SmbSession.logon()
ensures that authentiction works.  The problem I am having is that I
have code which uses SmbSession.logon() to authenticate with multiple
hosts but does not set the jcifs.netbios.hostname property.  So the code
has a bug.  My questions are intended to guage whether I need to fix
this bug or if I can wait for a future release of jCIFS which would not
require the jcifs.netbios.hostname property to be set.  Are there any
plans for jCIFS to be modified so that SmbSession.logon() authenticates
in the situation which I have outlined above without having to set the
property?   SmbSession.logon accepts the hostname as a parameter and one
could argue that the method should encapsulate everything necessary to
authenticate with the specified host.  Do the jCIFS developers regard
the necessity to set the property as a defect?  I am asking for
information only.  Thanks for your help.

Paul Duncan


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