[jcifs] Security Correctness

Jake Goulding goulding at vivisimo.com
Tue Jul 25 14:56:30 GMT 2006

James & Martin:

Thanks for your feedback. Indeed, I was able to read the file through 
notepad if I gave it the full path. However, a similar setup using a 
Samba server seems to not work the same way (we are assuming that it has 
to do with the correlation of POSIX vs Windows ACLs).

Now I just have to figure out a way of finding the effective rights on 
Linux and Sun.

Thanks again!


James Maupin wrote:
> Jake,
> This situation can happen with Share permissions also. However, most
> companies that I've worked with set up open SMB/CIFS Shares (all users and
> groups) and allow bypass traversal. That is, user Z could not navigate to
> the file with Explorer, but could open the file with a full path.
> regards,
> James
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> Hi Jake
> Actually I think this is the correct behaviour.
> The reason you can not navigate your way into the file using eg. Windows
> Explorer is that it WE tries to open the folder to get the list of files.
> Which is correctly denied. So therefor it can not show you the file.
> But if you ask directly for the file eg. using  a small jcifs program or
> maybe even a direct path in Windows, you will see that the underlaying
> security system in Windows allows you to access the file.
> So bassically it is a problem with the Windows Explorer navigation not the
> Effective rights of the file.
> -- mdp
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>> I create a folder that is accessible (read/traverse rights)
>> only to group A, then put a file inside that folder that is
>> only readable by user Z (not in A). I then getSecurity() on
>> the file, it will show that Z has read access to the file.
>> However, if user Z actually comes along, she cannot read the
>> file because she cannot traverse into the folder. Is there
>> some way of getting the effective rights of a given file?
>> Thanks!

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