[jcifs] NullPointerException

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Sun Jul 16 18:17:28 GMT 2006

On Sun, 16 Jul 2006 12:17:57 +0100
jbaker-jcifs at javasystemsolutions.com wrote:

> Hello all,
> I posted this a few weeks ago but didn't seem to get any response, but I also 
> didn't see the mail in the list archives so perhaps it was not delivered. 
> Therefore, apologies if this has already been posted.
> I am getting a NullPointerException from jcifs when trying to authenticate 
> against the following:
> - Windows 2000 functional AD domain running on Windows 2003
> server.  
> - The web server is IIS 6 and New Atlanta ServletExec version 5 installed.
> - Using the ntlm filter provided with the jcifs package.
> And here is the stack trace:
> java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
> 	at java.lang.System.arraycopy(Native Method)
> 	at jcifs.smb.SigningDigest.(SigningDigest.java:42)
> 	at jcifs.smb.SmbSession.sessionSetup(SmbSession.java:264)
> 	at jcifs.smb.SmbSession.send(SmbSession.java:225)

The CIFS client is trying to access the server challenge from the
SmbComNegotiate response. Apparently the key is not set. Why that is
occuring I don't know. Try one of the simple example programs included
with the jcifs package like examples/Exists.java just to verify that the
client is compatible with your network. Increase the log level and look
at the contents of the decoded response.

Michael B Allen
PHP Extension for SSO w/ Windows Group Authorization

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