[jcifs] Init params for JCIFS filter

square sk sksquare9 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 13 21:40:23 GMT 2006

     We have a client that uses Citrix as a client to access a web application for which we would like to enable SSO using JCIFS filter. Am really not sure which init-params needs to be defined for jcifs to work. Can someone please help me with this? 
  If I use the following, its not working - 
        <param-value>ip address of the domain server</param-value>
  Its throwing a java.lang.ClassCastException
 at jcifs.http.NtlmHttpFilter.negotiate(NtlmHttpFilter.java:217)
 at jcifs.http.NtlmHttpFilter.doFilter(NtlmHttpFilter.java:114)
  I do see "<domain>\<user> successfully authenticated against<00>/<ip addr>" message. But the application is showing a blank page. 

  Do I have to use jcifs.netbios.wins param? If so how can I know the available WINS server? 
  Please advise. 

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