[jcifs] ACE Patch in 1.2.7

Thomas Bley thomas.bley at simple-groupware.de
Sat Jan 28 21:50:14 GMT 2006

Hi Mike,

I just looked at the ACE-Patch in 1.2.7 and succeeded in merging it.
The ACE works pretty good (I tested WinXP and W2k3Sp1 [with
Ad/Exchange], see screenshot: 
I've also written some small code to do an LDAP-lookup for translating
the SIDs (about 30 lines).
Since Samba4 will also have LDAP onboard I think it's a good way to
resolve the SIDs this way when there is no other code available.
Can the patch be added to the standard version? (After applying the
patch I got problems with Input/OutputStream, maybe I patched somewhere
wrong ...)

Best regards,

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