[jcifs] Davenport Issue Report: Square non printable characters

Eric Glass eric.glass at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 11:16:38 GMT 2006

Is this seen in the WebDAV view, HTML view, or both?  If you can grab
a packet capture of the HTTP/WebDAV traffic between the client and the
webserver, that would likely be the easiest to troubleshoot (as that
would indicate whether the app is sending something strange or if it
is a client interpretation issue).  If it's occurring in the HTML
view, if you could save one of the pages and forward it for review
that might help too (the servlet basically generates the PROPFIND
result and uses XSLT to transform it to HTML, so that may be where the
issue is in this case).

Finally, if you can give some environment specs (servlet
engine/version, platform, whether hitting app server directly or going
through Apache/IIS etc.) that may give some insight also.


> Hi all,
> I have Davenport working in one environment with a completely
> unchanged web.xml file.  No customizations.  I am moving it to a new
> environment, and now when I fire up the same (latest version!) exact
> code I get little non printable character square boxes.  I've also
> seen chinese/japanese characters show up on other PC's!  The file
> size and last modified dates are correct, just the name of the file
> and directories shows up weird.  Also the "." this directory and ".."
> up one directorys show up as 1 and two character square boxes!
> Here is my bug report:
> Directories and file names show up as square boxes, instead of
> letters.  Alternatively, they show up as chinese characters on some
> PC's.
> The top level directories show up in normal English text:
> \\myserver\myshare
> But when I click on the "myshare" link then all the subfolders show
> up in boxes.  On another server I have the same version of Davenport
> installed, and everything works properly.  Any ideas?  Same version
> of Java 1.4 etc.
> Eric Pugh
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