[jcifs] Davenport Issue Report: Square non printable characters

Eric Pugh (OSC) epugh at opensourceconnections.com
Fri Aug 4 19:24:55 GMT 2006

Hi all,

I have Davenport working in one environment with a completely  
unchanged web.xml file.  No customizations.  I am moving it to a new  
environment, and now when I fire up the same (latest version!) exact  
code I get little non printable character square boxes.  I've also  
seen chinese/japanese characters show up on other PC's!  The file  
size and last modified dates are correct, just the name of the file  
and directories shows up weird.  Also the "." this directory and ".."  
up one directorys show up as 1 and two character square boxes!

Here is my bug report:
Directories and file names show up as square boxes, instead of  
letters.  Alternatively, they show up as chinese characters on some  

The top level directories show up in normal English text:


But when I click on the "myshare" link then all the subfolders show  
up in boxes.  On another server I have the same version of Davenport  
installed, and everything works properly.  Any ideas?  Same version  
of Java 1.4 etc.

Eric Pugh

OpenSource Connections
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