[jcifs] Re: How to extend lifetimeof NtlmPasswordAuthentication-Object

Tapperson Kevin Kevin.Tapperson at hcahealthcare.com
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If the NPA has external hashes, the NPA becomes invalid if the
SmbTransport to the domain controller is closed.  A NPA (with external
hashes) can only be used on the SmbTransport through which it was
created.  The "lifetime" of an NPA could therefore be extended by
increasing the soTimeout value for the SmbTransport.

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Hello Michael,

> That exception only occurs when the server challenge of the NPA is no 
> longer valid for the target.

perhaps my question was not clear:
What are the circumstances that causes the server challange of the NPA
to be no longer valid for a special target? 
Maybe this is some kind of MS-Windows setting of the fileserver?

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