[jcifs] Single sign on without username/password dialog

Bernhard Boschalsta Bernikah at gmx.at
Wed Apr 26 09:13:26 GMT 2006

I am using the latest jCIFS and the NtlmHttpFilter on a TomCat 5.5.9 as
described in the JCIFS NTLM HTTP Authentication article.
If I tell the IE to send password and user name or automatically logon in
the intranet everything works fine.
If I choose that username and password should not be sent to the server, I
get the dialog for entering username and password (as exspected).
Now I wondered if there is a possibilty to log in the user automatically as
a guest (to avoid getting this dialog) if no username and password is sent
or if the authentification via NTLM fails for some reason.
I tried to logon with this guest account in the catch block after
SmbSession.logon but I still get the dialog.
Any hints will be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot,

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