[jcifs] Re: Authentification failure for localhost

Stéphane BEDIN Stephane.Bedin at med.ge.com
Thu May 12 13:08:02 GMT 2005

Richard Heap <richardheap <at> beeb.net> writes:

> Windows doesn't listen
> on port 139 on the loopback address, so you have to provide the ip
> address of one of the real network interfaces of the machine (or the
> hostname, which will resolve to one of them). I've had success with a
> modified NtlmHttpFilter that sets the domain controller to:
> InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostAddress() - on Windows this returns
> the ip address of one of the real network interfaces.
> Stéphane BEDIN wrote:
>   Hello,
> I'm trying with with NtlmHttpFilter and tomcat
> to authenticate the user with the computer local account.

thanks, a lot, I'll user your solution.

For information,
I found another solution in the news group:

Create a MS Loopback adapter with a specific IP address that will not change.
And put this IP is the filter configuration.

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