[jcifs] The SmbTransport for getChallenge() and logon() must be the same? why?

Richard Caper rcaper at gmail.com
Mon May 9 09:59:47 GMT 2005

I believe this is because the SmbTransport is one-to-one with a
physical connection to the DC (the socket).  Each transport is a new
connection to the DC.  All sessions on a transport use the same
challenge, but a new transport is a new connection and gets a new

> What I learned and what you confirmed to certain degree: It must not only be
> the same DC (which is in my case), but also the same SmbSession/SmbTransport
> must be used. If you use a new SmbTransport (to the SAME DC) for the
> SmbSession.logon(), different from the one used for
> SmbSession.getChallenge(), then the logon will fail.
> Seems to be a restriction/security feature of the DC?
> Xaver
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