[jcifs] Re: HTTP Authentication failing

Scrumpy Jak paul.pree at bmssolutions.com
Wed Jun 8 02:53:21 GMT 2005

Michael B Allen <mba2000 <at> ioplex.com> writes:

> Looks good. You can also set jcifs.util.loglevel = 2 maybe.

Will do.

> You need to figure out where you first encounter an error. You have
> mentioned several symptoms but good scientific method would suggest
> isolating the first occurance of a problem (maybe it's not even an
> error). Other subsequent errors could just be an artifact of previous
> conditions.
> > I agree that there is something screwy with our environment - We just can't
> > pinpoint it! As you can also guess, my knowledge in this area is limited!
> You need a network engineer. It could be that port 139 is being
> blocked. Are you in an XP/200x only environment?
Both the DC's and Tomcat server are Windows 2003 Server. Most clients are
Windows 2000, and many use a Windows 2003 Terminal Server to lauch their web

> Mike

Not sure if this is important - but my primary test is running a browser on the
Web server itself and pointing to localhost. 

Anyway, thanks again for your valuable input. I am arranging for a network
engineer to take a look, but will continue to try and work through the problem
as that may not be possible for a week or so (Remote site).


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