Apache / jCIFS Collaboration was: Re: [jcifs] Absence of 'automagical' WINS server resolution in jcifs when compared to smb/nmb/winbind

Enrique Rodriguez enriquer9 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 22:07:23 GMT 2005

Michael B Allen wrote:
> On Sat, 23 Jul 2005 11:57:02 -0400
> Enrique Rodriguez <enriquer9 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Have you ever thought about moving jCIFS to an open source organization 
>>such as Apache or Safehaus? ...
> Possible. But right at the moment I'm not working on jCIFS enough to
> make it worth while. Thanks for suggesting it though.

OK, but even if you aren't working on it, please consider the "community 
effect" of getting interop doco together in one place, along with a 
unified front of repo/code/build.

> Incedentially I've started to develop JAAS infrastructure for Windows
> integration (actually did this a while ago and stopped to do other
> things) in the form of a WindowsLoginModule. Currently it just gets
> the dom/user/pass from the usual places and adds a WindowsPrincipal
> and Ntlm1Credential but once I get extended security going I plan to
> have kerberos credentials.

Very cool.  We created Safehaus to focus on security projects and to 
start to get interop doco together.  I recently pounded out some HOWTO's 
on using my KDC with Windows machines.  We have an 
open-source/non-profit license for the Confluence wiki and that is 
making doco much easier.


... and ...


> So natrually I'm wondering if we should be coordinating a little
> here. We've both developed our own ASN1 and SPNEGO code and probably
> some form of WindowsPrincipal. I guess I shouldn't bother to mention
> this until I'm ready to release some code but I thought I'd mention it.

Exactly.  I didn't really have a specific area of coordination in mind, 
but this is what I was getting at.  We've overlapped on ASN.1 and 
SPNEGO, a bunch of us at Apache/Safehaus would like to see a CIFS server 
in Java, and I'm going to start focusing more on Windows interop.  I'm 
working on trust relationships right now and I'll be on SASL support for 
LDAP next, in preparation for SASL/GSSAPI (Kerberos V5) for Apache 
Directory.  After that I'd like to tie in webapps with SPNEGO and get 
the doco for the whole stack much much tighter.


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