[jcifs] [jcifs-ext] ERROR_MORE_DATA on netUserGetGroups()

Stephen Eaton seaton at gateway.net.au
Tue Jan 18 16:06:32 GMT 2005

G'day Wally,
Did you have any joy with this problem?  I'm having the same problem with
the netGroupEnum() operation in the GroupManagement Class of JCIFS-ext
>From what examples I've found (vb.net) it appears that the correct buffer
size should be returned as part of the error message (in the data), the
received response is checked for the ERROR_MORE_DATA error flag before
returning to the calling function.  If this error flag is there then the
original request is resent with the corrected buffersize from the error data
sent back from the API. 
I'm now trying to track down the response being received.
If you have any additional info please let me know.
--8< ----
This question relates to RAP and jCIFS-Ext and group authorization.
Does anyone know how to handle calling a second request when
UserManagement.netUserGetGroups returns a ERROR_MORE_DATA error flag.
I realize this will require some refactoring of the code and I am
willing to work on this, but I have no idea where to start on how to
format the second RAP request for additional groups starting at the last
group received from the first request.
Any hints?
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